Lingerie Guide Series - Part Two



While a boudoir session is all about finding your beauty inside, we all know how the perfect little black dress or perfect lipstick color can make us feel like a million bucks. Part two of the lingerie guide series is all about my favorite piece – the bodysuit!


Seattle Boudoir

Nude and Burgundy Bodysuit, Size S

Seattle Boudoir

Nude and Burgundy Bodysuit, Size S

Bodysuits include 3 major types of lingerie – casual bodysuits, shapewear, and teddies.

Shapewear is a type of tight-fitting underwear intended to control and shape the figure. There are many beautiful options out these days that are not only flattering and shaping, but also pleasing to the eye. Try to find shapewear for your session that has beautiful lace details, and is cut high on the leg to create length!


Teddies are an iconic piece of lingerie that are like the middle-woman between bodysuits and rompers. They’re form fitting one-pieces that cover the torso and crotch area and are often embellished with sexy details like lace, sheer mesh, and harness straps. It’s a similar style of garment to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit.


Bodysuits are close-fitting one-piece stretch garments that are usually worn as clothing, but can be a great boudoir tool.

Bellevue Boudoir

Black Low-cut Bodysuit, Size M

If a great booty shot is on your list, I recommend bottoms that show just enough. I prefer cheeky or Brazilian bottoms over thongs. Many teddies and bodysuits are cut in the back to show off some booty, which makes them a great option! Be sure to also look for high-cut bodysuits. The higher the leg opening, the longer your legs will look!

Bellevue Boudoir
High End Boudoir

Fishnet Floral Bodysuit, Size M

Luxury Boudoir

Nude Corset Bodysuit, Size M

If you need some bodysuit inspiration, check out my Pinterest board at

There's a bodysuit section with a TON of links to gorgeous bodysuits for every single body.


Next up in the series – accessories!


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