Love Letters

Curvy Boudoir

"Babes, treat yourself to a boudoir shoot. My first boudoir shoot really woke me up and made me see my body in a completely different, more positive light. Shooting is so fucking empowering. Your age/size/gender doesn't matter- personalize the shoot to your vibe, play music that makes you feel confident and powerful and let out your inner god/goddess. Even if you don't get the images published anywhere, just having them as reminders of what a beautiful/handsome/glorious person you are is so invaluable.
So many people say they'll get one done when they lose weight, when they tone up, when their skin clears up, or think they can't because they've had kids, etc. Stop making excuses and book yourself a shoot- the right photographer (the brilliant Cayan Ashley Photography!) will make you look amazing without editing out all your imperfections, because it's our diversity that makes us irreplaceable.
Get in on this shit- you're worth it."

-Miss M



High End Boudoir

"When any woman looks at a boudoir shoot another female has done I think we all have thought at some point, 'I could never do that, wow she looks great. I would never look like that. I’m not sexy like that.' Then you meet Cayan. She doesn’t coach you on sexy, she doesn’t coach you on how to look like those other 'models' she makes you laugh, brings you out of your comfort zone without you even realizing it. She makes your inner sexy ooze in her photographs. You’re not a muse. You’re her friend.

The comfort level you feel is unprecedented and incredible. It doesn’t feel like a sexy boudoir shoot. It feels like fun playing with a camera with your best girlfriend. And then you get your photos and you’re like “that’s me?!? Omg I look amazing. How did you do that?” She assures you that everyone of us have it in us. An inner vixen just yearning to run wild. She finds it. She sees it. She shoots it.

I would recommend her to anyone who has never thought they were sexy and even those who love themselves and know their inner sexy. Cuz I assure you she will always find another side of sexy you didn’t know you had. Thank you for everything Cayan! You’re a truly amazing soul and artist."

-Miss S



High End Boudoir

"Getting a session done with Cayan was the confidence boost I️ needed after I️ had lost love for myself. She really changed my outlook on self-love and appreciation for my body. I️ can’t wait to have another session! All love for you Cayan!"

-Miss L



High End Boudoir

"I never would have allowed my body to do something like this a few years ago. When I found Cayan Ashley Photography at a wedding show a few months back, I fell for her representation of female beauty . Her images captured the connection between the spirit and the body of her subjects, not the usefulness of a woman's sex appeal. It was unlike any other boudoir photography I had ever seen. I was thrilled when we connected through Instagram and when I came to the junction between deeming my body as unworthy of being documented this way or honoring my experience as an individual, I made the choice to discount the definition that society has put on my body. I wanted to live this and that's the only thing mattered.

Was it scary? Heck yes. Sometimes, I still get scared just by looking at these photos. But, I also feel incredibly brave and strong for having pushed passed a barrier that has held on to me so tightly. These photos exist because I want them too and it doesn't matter what anyone else sees."

-Miss N 

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Curvy Boudoir

"A friend of mine talked me into doing a boudoir shoot with Cayan. She was absolutely certain that it would do wonders for my self esteem.

She was right.

The photo shoot itself was incredibly empowering and a lot of fun. Cayan is fun and easy going, but still very professional.
The photos make me feel so sexy! I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin. To top it all off, I won a photo album.

I cannot thank you enough and I would love to work with you again!"

-Miss C



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