Get in on this shit - You're Worth It.

Most of my clients come to me because they feel like they need to find something they’ve lost along the way…or something they maybe never had to begin with – confidence. Confidence in themselves, in their ever-changing bodies, and in the lives they inhabit every single day.


We deserve to be happy with ourselves, ladies.


The first step in finding this happiness is loving ourselves and taking back our power. Boudoir photography is important because it’s empowering to those who experience it. One of my favorite babes in the whole world is a confident, plus size goddess. She’s also a published author, an internationally published model, an activist, and so much more. She’s unapologetic to her core, and I absolutely love her for that -

"Babes, treat yourself to a boudoir shoot. My first boudoir shoot really woke me up and made me see my body in a completely different, more positive light. Shooting is so fucking empowering. Your age/size/gender doesn't matter- personalize the shoot to your vibe, play music that makes you feel confident and powerful and let out your inner god/goddess. Even if you don't get the images published anywhere, just having them as reminders of what a beautiful/handsome/glorious person you are is so invaluable.
So many people say they'll get one done when they lose weight, when they tone up, when their skin clears up, or think they can't because they've had kids, etc. Stop making excuses and book yourself a shoot- the right photographer (the brilliant Cayan Ashley Photography!) will make you look amazing without editing out all your imperfections, because it's our diversity that makes us irreplaceable.
Get in on this shit- you're worth it."

Minerva, @SpookyFatBabe -


Hearing words like these is why I do what I do. I want every woman I work with to strut out of her session feeling like the goddess she is. So GET IN ON THIS SHIT – YOU’RE WORTH IT!




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