In Her Own Words


"When any woman looks at a boudoir shoot another female has done, I think we all have thought at some point, 'I could never do that, wow she looks great. I would never look like that. I’m not sexy like that.'


Then you meet Cayan.


She doesn’t coach you on sexy, she doesn’t coach you on how to look like those other 'models'. She makes you laugh, and brings you out of your comfort zone without you even realizing it. She makes your inner sexy ooze in her photographs. You’re not a muse. You’re her friend.


The comfort level you feel is unprecedented and incredible. It doesn’t feel like a sexy boudoir shoot. It feels like fun playing with a camera with your best girlfriend. And then you get your photos and you’re like ‘That’s me?!? I look amazing. How did you do that?’ She assures you that every one of us has it in us - an inner vixen just yearning to run wild. She finds it. She sees it. She shoots it.


I would recommend her to anyone who has never thought they were sexy and even those who love themselves and know their inner sexy. Because I assure you, she will always find another side of sexy you didn’t know you had. Thank you for everything Cayan! You’re a truly amazing soul and artist."


-Miss S


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