Photographer Behavior

and what to expect when you work with professional boudoir photographers!


Hello! My name is Cayan and I’m an internationally accredited, award-winning, and published boudoir photographer in the PNW. I’ve been a professional photographer and have owned a licensed and insured boutique boudoir business since 2014. I make it my mission to create body positive art, and show every woman I work with how beautiful she is, inside and out. Because of this mission, I wanted to share some tips on what you can expect (and what the red flags are) when working with a boudoir photographer. Also, in light of certain allegations coming out in the rave community regarding unprofessional photographer behavior, I wanted to define some important behaviors to look out for and avoid!


First, and most importantly, you should NEVER feel pressured to shoot anything you’re not comfortable with, including nudity or implied nudity.

Although I shoot tastefully nude and implied nude images in my business, I would never pressure a client or model to do anything she isn’t comfortable with. If your photographer takes this conversation beyond what you’re comfortable with, that’s not ok!


All of your communication with your photographer should remain professional and be within the realm of normal business hours.

A professional photographer should never text you after midnight, and should never take your conversations beyond normal business topics. If you feel your photographer is getting too flirty, that’s a big red flag! There are many ways to speak to your clients in a personable way that don’t include unwanted advances.


Your future boudoir photographer should never EVER ask for nude images of you before your shoot!

Regardless of your body type or what you look like, a professional boudoir photographer will know how to pose you and how to help dress you in a flattering way without seeing nude images of you before your shoot. If a photographer is asking you for nude selfies or pictures of you in lingerie, immediately let them know you’re not their ideal client and cut off contact. This is predatory behavior and is not normal.


If you find yourself working with a photographer who is exhibiting any of these behaviors, don’t be afraid to let them know they’re making you feel uncomfortable! They should respect your feelings, and if they continue to behave in this manner or invalidate your feelings in any way, cut off contact immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding photography norms or how a boudoir photographer should behave when working with you, feel free to use my contact page to message me to discuss. I’m 100% available to make sure my clients (and even women who aren’t my clients!) have the knowledge they need to remain safe and comfortable with their boudoir shoot.


See you on the dance floor!